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Starbridge believes that every person should lead a fulfilling life in their community. That can happen when people who have disabilities have the right to direct their own lives, and when our community provides support wherever people live, learn, earn, and play. Building on our 2016 series, we will continue this year to host workshops and conferences to educate about and promote inclusion, belonging and self-direction.

Join us as we build an inclusive and vibrant community where everyone belongs.


2017 Speakers –

Emily Ladau – "Where I Go is My Decision to Make" – How people who have disabilities can and should direct their own lives (event held on April 6)

Al Condeluci, PhD – Internationally known expert joining us in August to talk about ways families and professionals can support people who have disabilities in developing relationships as a natural facet of a fulfilling life.

Other speakers and topics to be announced soon!


Our 2016 series featured –

Thomas Pomeranz, Ed.D. – "If It's to Be, It's Up to Me" – The role of professionals supporting meaningful lives

Christopher Liuzzo – "'Dignity of Risk' and Self-Directed Living" – Fostering an environment that allows risk and encourages self-directed, individualized options

OPWDD Staff (Kirk Mauer, Kate Bishop, Chad Colarusso, Angela Czerkas) – "Living a Self-Directed Life at Any Age" – Self-direction in the OPWDD system

James Scutt and Harpreet Saran-Rokicki of People, Inc. – "The Right to Work: Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency and Self-Direction" – Achieving employment success