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Service Coordination Meet the TeamWhat is Service Coordination?

Service Coordination assists people who have developmental disabilities and their circles of support in accessing supports and services in the community, according to the individual’s needs. Service Coordinators work in partnership with individuals and their circles to develop, implement, and maintain their plan.

What is unique about Starbridge Service Coordination?

Your Starbridge Service Coordinator partners with you in exploring and evaluating all opportunities in the community to meet your personal objectives and then writes a plan to be used as a guide. Your Service Coordinator assists you in –

  • Accessing services
  • Locating support professionals as needed
  • Identifying community-based resources to achieve your goals

Starbridge Service Coordinators work closely with on-staff advocates as needed to ensure that your rights are preserved. Some of our Service Coordinators are bilingual and work with both English- and Spanish-speaking individuals. All Starbridge Service Coordinators function as a team to ensure that all who are enrolled in Starbridge Service Coordination benefit from the knowledge and experience of the entire group.

Who is eligible to receive Service Coordination?

The individual must –

  • Have a documented diagnosis of a developmental disability
  • Demonstrate a need for ongoing Service Coordination
  • Freely choose to receive the service
  • Meet financial eligibility
  • Be a resident of Monroe or one of the contiguous counties (Orleans, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, or Wayne) to receive Service Coordination through Starbridge

How do you get started?

Please call us at 585-546-1700 and ask to speak to our Intake Service Coordinator, who will schedule a time for an assessment over the phone or in person. Our Intake Service Coordinator can help you determine your eligibility for Service Coordination, any steps needed to complete the eligibility process, and how to access other resources along the way, such as Family Support Services.