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Ready to develop or increase skills?

Starbridge’s Employment Track program is a 100% community-based service focused on developing or increasing transferrable skills for the adults who participate in this program. Currently, participants in Starbridge’s Employment Track service are engaged in such activities as –

  • Collating materials for mailing
  • Delivering meals to senior citizens
  • Providing customer service or arranging displays in retail environments
  • Staffing museum exhibits
  • Caring for and socializing with shelter animals
  • Other dynamic opportunities

Our Employment Track program offers a great way for people who have disabilities to develop skills and references for their resumes.

Ready to search for jobs?

Starbridge’s Employment Counselors seek to place you in a job of your choosing, doing the type of work that interests you. We offer rapid job search resources and guidance on resume development, applications, and interviewing. Employment Counselors can provide information on benefits available through potential employers, and how to access other supports on the job, if needed.

Looking for supports on the job?

Starbridge Employment Counselors can provide job coaching on or off the job site. Counselors can also develop and assist with implementing workplace modifications to facilitate success on the job. Long-term employment support can be helpful when job responsibilities change, when promotions occur, and when management and supervisors change.

Employment preparing adults2For businesses looking to hire

Hiring people who have disabilities is good business. Research indicates employers report equal or better safety records, turnover and absentee rates, job performance ratings, job assignment flexibility, and equal amount of supervision for employees with disabilities, compared to their peers without disabilities. Click here to read a study on the economic impact of workers with disabilities..

Starbridge Employment Counselors work to provide a bridge between businesses looking to hire qualified employees and job candidates well-suited for those openings.

Business owners or managers can expect our Employment Counselors to provide dependable referrals, support the new employee in adjusting to his or her job and social environment, and work to help the employee achieve independence and proficiency over time.

How do you get started?

For questions or more information about Employment Services, please call us at 585-224-7239 or email srussell@starbridgeinc.org. For questions or more information about the Employment Track program, please phone 585-224-7224 or email dbruins@starbridgeinc.org.