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504 Plans provide services, accommodations and modifications so students with disabilities or impairments receive equal access to a free and appropriate education from schools that receive federal funding.

What is a 504 Plan?

504 Plans are formal plans that schools develop to give students with disabilities the supports and accommodations they need. 504 Plans are covered under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, which is a civil rights law.

What qualifies a student for a 504 Plan?

For a student to be found eligible for a 504 Plan, the student must have symptoms that substantially limit a “major life activity.” Major life activities can include actions such as caring for oneself, walking, speaking, breathing, learning, and concentration.

An impairment may limit only one major life activity and still be considered a disability under Section 504. This includes inconsistent symptoms that are episodic or in remission and would substantially limit a major life activity when active.

A student may still qualify for a 504 Plan even when their symptoms are being managed with medication, specific strategies, or undocumented supports. Section 504 states that students can still be eligible if their disability results in the student being unable to fully demonstrate their ability.

How do you request a 504 Plan?

Families can request a 504 Plan through your school district’s 504 coordinator or CSE Chairperson. The request must be made in writing. The school will then hold a meeting to decide if your child qualifies and what supports are appropriate.

What types of accommodations are available through a 504 Plan?

The team will look at the needs of your student in determining the appropriate supports and accommodations. Accommodations that may be used include but are not limited to:

  • Extended time on tests or assignments
  • Notes provided
  • Enlarged print
  • Behavior intervention plans
  • Preferred seating
  • Taping lectures
  • Movement breaks


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