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Happy New Year! We have some exciting news to announce:

Nikisha Ridgeway, M.A., has joined Starbridge as our Chief Operating Officer. In her role, Nikisha is responsible for Starbridge’s overall operations and service delivery.

Photo of Colin Garwood, President/CEO of Starbridge

Hi everyone,

I hope you've enjoyed your summer. It feels like fall has arrived here in Rochester!

NYSED (New York State Education Department) has asked us share the announcement below with you about their introduction of Early Childhood and School-age Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Centers.

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NYS Regents Exams begin soon, and for a specific group of students who have two Regents Exams in one day, a new regulation may ease the testing burden.

Students who are classified as English Language Learners (ELL) or Multilingual Learners (MLL) and who have been granted the accommodation of extended time now have the option to request a new accommodation: Next-Day Completion.

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Hello Friends,

Happy Spring! I am looking forward to warmer days and the start of festival season here in Rochester.

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Starbridge is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 Community Awards. Please join us at Among the Stars, on Saturday, April 6 to meet, congratulate, and celebrate these remarkable people!

2019 Community Award Winners collage

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Hello Friends,

Greetings on this cold day! Spring is still a long way off, so I hope you are finding ways to enjoy winter.

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Hello Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of year causes me to think about what I am grateful for. First is our partnership with the individuals and families we serve. It is a sacred relationship and is our reason for being as a service provider.

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If you have ever tried to make a major life change like losing weight, you know support can make a huge difference.

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Legacy LDA Board Member and Steadfast Agency Supporter

My first encounter with the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA) occurred when the part-time coordinator spoke at my first graduate course in 1975. She must have been very impressive because it was not long afterwards that I focused my studies on Special Education and Learning Disabilities in particular.

While all this was occurring, one of my sons was struggling with learning to read. He was frustrated and often asked, “Why is this so hard for me and so easy for everybody else?” Decoding was a struggle but his comprehension was terrific.