High Contrast

Robert Webb achieved a Starbridge first last December – he became the first graduate from our Health Professions Opportunities Grant (HPOG) program and passed the exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

R Wood graduation photoROC-HPOG is part of a national program designed to prepare individuals with low incomes for careers in health care. Starbridge is one of twelve partners in a unique collaborative assembled by Action for a Better Community Inc. (ABC). The group's goal is to help 1,000 people regionally prepare for and find employment in health care.

Starbridge staff assist participants in navigating the process from start to finish. As Stacy Russell, Director of Employment Services at Starbridge, notes:

"Barriers are everywhere for people experiencing poverty to get to where they want to be: learning about health professions and the needs in our local workforce; what programs are available; navigating work schedules to complete the training; finding funding or sponsorship; staying the course... all of these things are mitigated with navigation support."

Robert completed the program in about two months. He has been hired by Rochester Regional Health, which also sponsored Robert to complete the class.

Adeanna Tazell, Service Navigator for HPOG, praised Robert: "I can say I am extremely excited for his accomplishment and I am very proud!"


For more information about ROC-HPOG, visit Starbridge’s HPOG page or contact Adeanna Tazell by phone at 585-224-7212 or by email at atazell@starbridgeinc.org.