Formerly The Bridge, our quarterly newsletter connects people with disabilities and their circles of support with resources, support, and information. The name and tagline of our merged agency – Starbridge: For the Hope and the How – embody the idea that we offer both the optimism and vision to identify opportunities, as well as the tools and connections to help people get there. Through Bridges we look forward to discovering and sharing the many pathways and choices available to people in achieving lives of personal and professional fulfillment.

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ACCESS is a monthly digest of transition-related news, perspectives from diverse voices, upcoming events, and resources for young people with disabilities in New York State. Each issue provides timely information on employment, education, and the rapidly changing NYS service systems that affect our community.

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ACCESS is brought to you by NYS Transition Partners, a collaborative project funded by the Rehabilitative Services Administration to help NYS families and young adults with disabilities navigate the transition to productive, independent, and meaningful adult lives. We invite you to use ACCESS to get the word out when you have an event or a resource you’d like to share with the community. We also invite you to pass ACCESS on to your own network, and to let us know what you think. ACCESS HTML