High Contrast

By the fall of 2014, Don Schofield was struggling to meet his basic needs: “I was living couch to couch.” He had been unemployed for five years, largely because of untreated mental health disorders, and he was unable to maintain relationships with his five children and his grandchildren. As he said, “They got tired of taking care of me.”

A counselor referred Don to Starbridge’s LASR (Learning to Achieve Self Reliance) program. Shlynn Hodkinson, a Starbridge service navigator, credits Don for his hard work. Shlynn said, “He was willing to do anything but needed support to know what to do.”


D SchofieldShlynn and Don started by getting emergency and temporary benefits and restarting his medications. As his health stabilized, Shlynn worked with Don to get his own apartment, a cellphone, and a post office box. Don even acquired a bicycle so he could go to the grocery store to get his own supplies.

Now that his life is in order, Don is able to spend time with his kids and grandkids. “I felt embarrassed before when I didn’t have a home. I couldn’t give them Christmas presents. But now I can. Now I can take them out to dinner.”

When asked if he would recommend Starbridge to others, Don replied, “Absolutely. You guys have changed my life completely.”

“I had nothing. Now, I have everything I need. I wish it had happened a long time ago, but it’s a blessing that it happened finally.”

- Don Schofield


LASR is a short-term coaching service that assists people in obtaining the services and supports they need to live as independently as possible. For more information, please call us at (585) 224-7211 or email kcannan@starbridgeinc.org.