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Hello Friends:

I hope you are enjoying spring, with its warmer weather and buzz of activities available in our communities.

The vision of Starbridge is that every person will lead a fulfilling life in their community. Every person should be able to direct their own future and have the community support they need to realize their dreams. Most people would agree with us, but the next question we all ask is: how do we make this happen?

Starbridge is presenting a conference on May 19th entitled Building Our Community: Principles and Practices of Inclusion and Self Direction. Our headline speaker is Dr. Tom Pomeranz, a nationally recognized expert. The day-long conference, also featuring a panel of local experts, will provide both inspiration and practical tools for empowering people with disabilities to pursue a future of their own choosing.

The conference will be followed by a series of half-day workshops on utilizing self-direction as we live, learn and earn. Details about these events will be on our website soon.

On another note, it has been almost a year since Starbridge formed through the merger of The Advocacy Center and LDA Life and Learning Services. We would like to know more about how Starbridge is perceived in the community. In the very near future, you will receive an email from Causewave Community Partners, inviting you to participate in an anonymous survey. Your input is valuable and will aid us in evaluating our strengths, opportunities for improvement, and possibilities for the future.

Thank you for staying connected to Starbridge. We are privileged to partner with you and your loved ones in transforming our communities to include everyone.

Best regards,colin

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 Colin Garwood, President/CEO