High Contrast

Matt Perdue is Business Relationship Manager at Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Matt and his husband, David, live in Irondequoit. Matt has served on several committees and held the role of Vice Chair and then Board Chair.

Matt Perdue 2018

Q. How did you first hear about our organization? 

When I worked in HR at a Wegmans store, we had several employees who had come to us through LDA Life and Learning Services (one of the legacy agencies that merged to form Starbridge). I forged a good relationship with their Job Coach. Many years after I left that store and moved into a different role, she reached out to me to gauge my interest in joining the Board. The rest is history.

Q. Why did you decide to get involved as a board member?

After being heavily involved in community groups in the City and then moving to Irondequoit, I took a yearlong break from community involvement. I began wanting to get involved again with a community organization. So the timing was perfect when I was asked to join.

I was aware of the work that LDA did related to employment and, with my background in HR, employment was something I always found important. The Advocacy Center introduced me to supports and services related to education.

I quickly learned how underserved those with developmental disabilities are in our state and nation, and appreciated the work of both agencies in providing the hope and how for people. 

Q. What have you gained or learned from the experience?  

It’s been a great experience getting to know other people in the community, both those who work at Starbridge and other board members. The diversity of the agency and board and the passion for the work that everyone does are certainly enlightening and provide optimism.  

Q. Is there anything you would like to say to someone who is considering contributing to Starbridge in some way? 

The work of Starbridge directly supports people in our communities. Your support allows people here in the Rochester area and throughout the region to live a meaningful and sustainable life.