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Branden W 

Branden Weaver is 28 years old and has worked with Starbridge’s Employment team over the years. Branden has worked in both fast food and retail operations, and hopes someday to be a retail manager.

He sees his disability as the biggest barrier to getting and keeping a job. "It's hard to find a job and maintain it for someone like me. I try my best."

Employment Counselor Stacey Daly, LMSW, works with Branden on routine employment matters, such as communication with his manager and how to process feedback. When Branden has scheduling conflicts, such as when his family needs transportation, Stacey can be a resource in helping Branden plan ahead and communicate with supervisors.

When asked what he has learned over time, Branden says, “To be patient, mainly. To have confidence in myself, which is hard to come by nowadays, but I'm trying.”

Stacey praises Branden on “his persistence and his openness to looking for other jobs.”

To other people in his shoes, Branden offers this advice:

“Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it. Keep going. Believe in yourself. Have a heart for the work.”